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Bear's Society 2002,                         February Issue #2
Friends, Family, readers of this important issue. I ask
as I always ask that anyone who reads my newsletters
take the words deep within your heart. This month I
would like to share about what is currently that I am
doing with our Self Advocacy group here in Ridgecrest
California. All last year I shared about important keys,
to un-locking doors to our very lives.

Those keys were applied, in fact are still being utilized
by people who work for Desert Area Resources &
Training. We may have our own individual disabilities,
however keyword here is we will not, nore ever allow
disabilites to over come us. Into 2002, we are really
learning to remove the three letters dis, even as to
totally erase those three letters! Those three letter d i s,
fit too smoothly with other words such like here are a few:
Discomfort, Disapointment, Disapprove...? See the true
problem here, too many words which if you allow them
to can even Dismiss your whole positive vision!

Here let me show you now the positive to this, let's do
a test here. Take the word ability all by itself now, begin
to think positive words that would fit into ability. Now
take just two to three minutes thinking about those
positive words, then close your eyes. Still thinking
about the word ability but with positive words flowing
into it. Is a river flowing for you? If so your eyes are
now open to see my results from this very test. I am sure
some of your words will fit here below:

Ability - Achievement, Success, Strength, I can, I will,
I want, I am, I know, I believe, I have faith?

Do you believe enough to lay down the old self, throw
away the disaproval that keeps telling you that you
just simply can't!?

Well I do believe enough to lay down my old self, throw
away the dis before every non-positive word also words
that don't belong in my life. In order to what? Have my
Ability be the over commer, the achiever, the successor,
my very strength! My faith, my want, my knowledge, my
belief! All you have to do is lay it down, believe in who
you are, also that you can change. You can be the winner
in your life. As so today I am the leader of my own life!