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Balanced Self Advocate
A balance to bridging your life from the old you is not all that hard. All it
takes is for you to believe that you can find your bridge. Doing so will
find it for you in the process. Believing in your self first can carry you to
a place in which there will come that understanding that no matter what
you have told your own self. Or even that which others have said about
you will no longer matter. Because you know your own self best, what is
your very own good qaulities or bad.. What makes a difference for you
in keeping you happy in your life should become important. I always say
to my own self the second it isn't important any more than I know some-
thing is wrong or is going to happen which I will have to fix or work on to
make better. Always keep things like this in mind. Keep an open heart
so that your heart matter will replace your feeble mind thinking. Your mind
is more than likely what will set you back, especially if your a thinker like
me before actually putting it to heart. Then after words applying your heart
to matters which require more of your heart than your mind can handle.

Confused? Well don't be just remember to keep your heart matters far
seperate from your mind. Mind is actually to be used more for studying,
concentrating, configuring problems and other such. Mind should never
be used as the applyer to serious conflicts, somebody dying, or even to
do with you loving and caring about someone. Because your mind will in
deed let you down every time. Where as the heart won't because your
pure heart can't lie. Your un-pure mind can.

As in your balance for this month, just let that Bridge deep inside you
be your guide to freedom. It can and will be that if you allow it to be.

(((Todd A. Clark)))