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Bear Necessities Continued
Committment is number one in which we must consider in finding
our very own bridge in life. What helps us when we have full and
complete Committment is our whole self being is being put to work.
You find the advantage is much stronger when you have that true
committment. It means to stick to following your bridges even after
you have crossed over your very first few. You really have to look at
and consider what in your life does need a crossing over. Is it fear?
Is it frustration? Is it to find someone you have forgotton? Is it to even
make a better future and to stop being afraid!??

Ahh huh...... When I said fear :-( most likely you began to think about
all the people you know who run for this very same reason. Even in
luck of it all you have discovered you in your ownself have this as
a problem. Reason why I pin point this issue on fear is because I in
my ownself found out I have this problem, am digging it up to the
very top surface I can also exposing it! By doing so you can get rid
of it, throw it away. Be done with you fear, because fear will only rid
you or stop you from Crossing Your Bridge To Independence. Only
when you get rid of fear all the way if you have it can things change.

Changing Your Heart, simplifies the procedure only if your willing to
let change play a part also role in your life. So many people I hear in
today's time say they don't want to change. I like the old me. Or is
this I HATE CHANGE!!!! Plus you get a conflict or argument going.
Truth is friends, to not change or have a change of heart for that
matter will keep you one sided. To other people you may even seem
boring, or cause people to not want to understand you. In your true
independence there has to come a change. Just what is that one
change that you could possibly make you might ask?

1.) You can stand up proud and tall when you walk.
2.) Speak clearly to others in your meetings, also in interviews or
that which you want to change in life.
3.) Believe that you do make a difference no matter what!
4.) Don't let others shoot you down or stop you!
5.) Make things happen - a way even if there appears to be no other
way keep trying.
6.) Remain positive with good influence.
7.) Take the leap of faith - better known as give it a chance.
8.) Don't settle for less when you can have more.
9.) Say yes and not always no or I will not won't.
10.) Realize you are to be treated as an equal no less.

All these things plus more can help you to Cross Over Your Bridge
To An Independence that no one other person can touch. For in
each of our own individualities lies our own special bridge which
can be our best friend to our very soul bodies. Our bridge provides
us with connections to others who have already learned this just
as you and I have. So I speak this to all who read this today let your
road meet with you bridge. So that you may Cross it to your very
own Independence, we deserve it and have earned it.

Todd A. Clark