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Bear Necessities Newsletter
       Crossing The Bridge To Independence

How many times in your life have you crossed a bridge, also keeping
in mind just what were some of the things you saw. Perhaps maybe
even comes the question how did you feel? Well for the reality of what
a bridge does do for people in general is it provides a pathway over
or above what used to be very serious also long hours of waiting
traffic. It also serves a second purpose, it is a branch off to lead to
whole other destinations. It guides you to make change in a certain
direction in order to successfully make it to your destination. Yet
there is but hundreds of bridges in today's time. We also have come
to an understanding a bridge provides us with a certain inspiration.
It is for one unique in different designs, some times takes us up to
higher places that often have pretty interesting views. Sometimes
not so interesting. What we mostly see is a bridge taking our very
body and soul to some place else, often branching off a road to
cross beds of water, even some ocean bays, rivers, valleys. The
view is only what we make of it in what we can see at that particular
bridge point. I asked how might you feel, sometimes bored, sometimes
enthused or inspired even sometimes if afraid of heights you might
even feel scared. Crossing bridges again and again through out our
life time gives us more of a security to prepare for the next time we
cross another one. Wether we're scared of one collapsing or being
threatned by terrorists to this date and age in our history still isn't
valid enough to stop us from crossing bridges again and again. We
almost have to in order to get to certain places of this world. How-
ever is the bridge in our own lives to connect to the positive things,
visions or other. Our very own bridge provides with such a security
in our independent lives it almost can't be found un-less we really
search hard to find it. Finding it requires a dedication true to your
own heart, it takes hard work and not giving up to make your true
bridge connection work for you. You might be asking yourself is
it to hard for me to make this work? It's only hard if you make your-
self believe it is. How it works is simply you finding the road that
leads to your bridge. Which in return provides the branches from
it to guide you to an even better positive out look for your own life.
It serves as it would a car driving on the road wanting to get over
San Francisco Bay into the big city. If you want to get there bad
enough you will find your positive road to your bridge that does
branch you into a freedom that is there waiting to be found. One
final note is best described as you living in desert. Getting in your
car wanting to cross that bridge for the first time, why? Because
you never have before or even you have and want to experience
it and the inspirations along with it again. Likewise finding that
positive road to your bridge with branches can really lift your
whole life up for the better. Try finding it sometime, you find out
what I have with my experience with it.

Todd A. Clark - Self Advocate Of Ridgecrest CA - Mojavi Desert.